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June 23, 2021


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Getting a coronavirus vaccine in Pakistan? Here’s what you need to know

3 min read
Pakistan covid19

Image by LuAnn Hunt from Pixabay

What you should know about getting a coronavirus vaccine in Pakistan.

late last year several developing countries kicked off their coronavirus vaccine drives using the big three pfizer moderna and astrazeneca to inoculate their population.

However since both the pfizer and modern vaccines require ultra cold temperatures for their storage and transportation.

they are unlikely to be available in pakistan anytime soon so what options does pakistan’s population of over 200 million have for now pakistanis can choose from four vaccines the china made cynofarm and canned sign of vaccines the russia made sputnik 5 and the uk made astrazeneca vaccine.

but which one is the best before we get into this discussion.

let’s have a look at each of the vaccines cynopharm the sign of arm vaccine is the one currently being given to healthcare workers and the elderly in Pakistan.

it is said to be 79 effective in preventing covid19 infections the vaccine requires two doses to work this means each person must get two jabs after a gap of 21 or 28 days.

The vaccine only starts working after the second shot the medical journal the landsat describes the cyanopharm vaccine as safe and well tolerated at all tested doses in two age groups so far 27 countries have approved.

the vaccine including Pakistan bahrain the uae and egypt can cyno the canned sino-vaccine was the first vaccine in the world to start human trials back in march 2020.

globally it has an efficacy rate of 65.7 percent but in pakistan it has proved 74.8 percent effective in preventing symptomatic cases and shown a hundred percent success rate in stopping severe cases of the coronavirus disease.

the vaccine is one of the very few to require only one shot to work can cyno to date has been approved in four countries china hungary mexico and Pakistan.

Pakistan has placed an order for 3 million canned signer doses which are expected to arrive in april sputnik 5 russia’s sputnik 5 coronavirus vaccine gives around 92 protection against covid19.

it is a two-dose vaccine the second dose is given 21 days after the first dose the russian vaccine has so far been approved for emergency use in 55 countries pakistan received its first shipment of sputnik 5 in march which will be available for sale through private sellers astrazeneca.

the astrazeneca vaccine also known as the oxford vaccine has an efficacy of 63 percent against coronavirus the astrazeneca vaccine is a two dose vaccine [Music] according to the world health organization recommended dosage is two doses with an interval of 8 to 12 weeks.

it has been approved by the world health organization and further granted emergency approval in 81 countries to date Pakistan is expected to get the oxford vaccine through the global kovacs program in the coming weeks.

so which of these vaccines is the best with so much information and numbers floating out there choosing a vaccine can become a very difficult task it is understandable that you would want to choose the best vaccine for yourself and your family,

but it is also important to keep these things in mind regardless of the efficacy of a vaccine in preventing coronavirus all vaccines that are currently available prevent serious symptoms from developing and eliminate the risk of hospitalization.

this means that even if you do get coronavirus after getting a vaccine you will not face severe side effects and will not need to be hospitalized regardless of which vaccine you choose it is important to remember that you are fully vaccinated only after you receive all the required doses of the vaccine if you are getting a vaccine that requires two doses you will be saved some time after you receive your second dose.

Remember even after you are fully vaccinated you should continue taking precautions avoid large gatherings and poor ventilated spaces wear a mask and stay six feet away from others so go ahead get yourself vaccinated it is the only way to return to some semblance of normalcy

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