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June 23, 2021


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Germany reports record high of far-right crimes

2 min read
germany crime

Violent and racist crimes are on the up in Germany, according to official statistics on politically motivated crimes. Crimes by right-wing extremists hit their highest levels since records began in 2001.

Germany’s Interior Minister Horst Seehofer presented the official statistics for politically motivated crimes committed in 2020 on Tuesday.

The minister expressed concerns over increasing incidences of politically motivated crimes, especially those carried out by right-wing extremists, such as the murder of 11 young people with an immigrant heritage in the city of Hanau in February last year. “Politically motivated crimes are increasing significantly,” Seehofer said, adding that 8.5% more cases were recorded in 2020 over the previous year.

here in germany officials are warning of a rise in far-right extremism police recorded more than 23 thousand far-right crimes in the year 2020.

that’s a 5 percent increase on the previous year and a record high the new statistics were published on the same day that police arrested a suspected neo-nazi accused of sending threats and hate mail to politicians and public figures he’s accused of sending more than 100 threatening letters signed nsu 2.0 in reference to a right-wing terror grouphis letters went out to politicians

artists and lawyers it’s unclear if the 53 year old man acted alone what is clear however is that the man espoused unmistakable right wing extremist ideology

according to authorities it’s part of a dangerous trend in germany politically motivated crimes have reached their highest levels in 20 years and interior minister horse seahoffer is now raising the alarm

one example last year a man sought out various locations in the city of hanau looking for people with non-german heritage

he murdered nine people shortly after that the global coronavirus pandemic arrived in germany but restrictions on public life did nothing to decrease the number of right-wing attacks quite the opposite right-wing extremists

began taking part in demonstrations against lockdown measures it’s a development that worries experts during the pandemic

The data is very “concerning” because it represents a dangerous trend, despite only representing around 1% of all crimes, he added.

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