May 10, 2021


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France Ready To Cancel Pakistan GSP Plus Status

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  • EU Parliament adopts resolution calling for a review of Pakistan’s GSP Plus status
  • The resolution was presented by Renew Europe, a European political group. It was adopted with a majority of 681 votes against six.
  • The GSP+ scheme is an important mechanism to boost Pakistan’s exports to the trading bloc

EU resolution criticizes blasphemy law and calls for the abolition of GSP Plus EU member states have passed a resolution criticizing Pakistan’s blasphemy law, showing partiality to anti-French stance on blasphemy.

Gayi and demanded that its GSP Plus status be abolished as the cancer of the resolution presented in Parliament by Mall is only anti-Pakistan in particular ie it is mentioned till this year and Article 295 of the law B and C have not been mentioned repeatedly and the law has not been criticized.

Imran Khan is leading us and is constantly violating the GSP Plus price of Pakistan and expressing full solidarity with France and among the Shiites in Pakistan who are not currently imprisoned.

It is also unbelievable that this resolution of Pakistan has been passed for about 16 reasons.

It is a dangerous service to associate with the IA. Experts also said that Pakistan’s GSP Plus status should be reviewed or France has been endorsed in three places to temporarily remove it in order to increase pressure on Pakistan and to prevent harassment of the French ambassador to Pakistan and protect French residents living in Pakistan.

That from the beginning anti-Muslim sentiments and the hurt of the feelings of Muslims by the French government institutions is not a single word Concerns have been raised over anti-French sentiment in Pakistan.

The resolution against Pakistan in the European Union was passed by an overwhelming majority, which clearly calls for a review of GSP Plus for Pakistan and a resolution on minorities. It has called for the abolition of discriminatory laws.

The resolution says Pakistan has violated the conditions of its Generalised Scheme of Preferences Plus status.

The GSP+ is a special component of the GSP scheme that provides additional trade incentives to developing countries already benefitting from GSP.

The GSP+ status granted to Pakistan requires the country to demonstrate progress on the implementation of 27 international core conventions. This condition constitutes strong leverage for the European Union in terms of monitoring any direct advocacy with Pakistan, said the European Commission.


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