May 7, 2021


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FPSC Paper MCQs with Answers FPSC Past Papers

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1. Burgher? Ans Citizen

2. Abominable? Ans Disgusting

3. Asphyxiation? Ans Suffocate

4. Bestir? Ans Rouse

5. Cogent? Ans  convincing


6. Concern? anxiety

7. Ingenious? unimaginative

8. Inherit? leave

9. Invaluable=?

10. Lure? Deter

Grammar Usage

11. He swore _to_God.

12. He spoke these words _on_ his face.

13. They ran __directly__ to their college.

14. It is useless _to cry_ now.

15. Crowded with nervous pets, the vet’s office…… Here crowded is an adjective.

16. She was reading a sad story. Here sad is an adjective.

17. Then he decided to leave. Here then is an adverb

18. She slipped on the floor, on is a preposition.

19. I have two cars but neither are air-conditioned. But is a conjunction.

20. The politician depended only on his instincts.

Professional Section (Pedagogy Portion)

1. The desired ends that guide organizational behavior are: goals

2. Everyone suffers in the organization when managers and employees work towards different goals.

3. Spearman brown formula is used to compute: test-retest reliability

4. Teacher describes the relationship between effort and success is a: motivator

5. Which stage of Piaget’s tells object permanence: sensorimotor

6. Punishment: reforms the offender

7. Each employee is responsible to one manager: the unity of command

8. Which is not the function of management: advising

9. Textbook board was recommended to establish under the National education commission 1959

10. Test blueprint are test specifications

11. The choice between 2 or more alternatives is Decision

12. First step in Curriculum design: Planning

13. British approach emphasis on Teacher and content presentation

14. American approach emphasis on learning objectives

15. Teacher performs practically and explains in: Demonstration method

16. POSDCORB model was given by Gullick

17. Assessment and Evaluation are Continuous process.

18. The educational policy 1978 is regarded as an indicator of: Islamic values.

19. Aggression is physical and verbal whereas violence is only physical

20. University Grants Commission established in 1974

21. National Conference 1947 was presided by Fazlur Rehman

22. Article 25A enforce free education till grade: 10

23. Existing educational policy was announced in: 2009

24. 2025 goals to increase the literacy rate by 90%

25. E and D rules stand for Efficiency and Discipline

26. Which one is accountable in cooperative learning: (both a and b) which means individual and group

27. Absorbing of new ideas into existing knowledge is: Assimilation

28. Curriculum means: course of the race

29. Assessment at the beginning is called: Placement Assessment

30. Symposium is a type of Discussion method

31. Specific to general: Inductive learning

32. Which is not the advantage of team teaching: Better financial benefits for teachers

33. Syllabus is part of the Curriculum

34. PIMS full form: ?????

35. First 2 groups of Cognitive domain has a weightage of A. 40% B. 45% C. 50% D. None

35. Piaget and Vygotsky both were in favor of: ????

36. In guidance, the teacher serves as: ??? A. Facilitator B. Moralist C. Helper D. None

37. Administration coordinator is a: ??? A. Staff manager B. Line manager C. HR manager D. None

38. Descriptive Research refers to:?


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