May 7, 2021


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Fire in India hospital kills several amid soaring Covid cases

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gujrat fire
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Rescuers surveyed the damage after a fire broke out in a ward in a hospital in baruch city in the western state of gujarat

it’s the second time in two weeks a blaze has taken the lives of people fighting to survive covet 19.

A citizen said that Around 12 45 a.m due to a leakage in an oxygen cylinder in the intensive care unit ward a fire suddenly broke out a team from the government administration is assessing the number of dead and injured

Meanwhile in new delhi patients died after the hospital where they were being treated ran out of oxygen

it’s a scene that’s set to play out in more medical facilities across india as the country battles a tsunami of cases many places including new delhi are extending lockdowns and trying to implement measures that contain the spread of the virus but it’s come too late for the thousands

who are dying every day from the disease with the toll worsened by a severe shortage of oxygen

india’s official figures put the pandemic’s death toll at just over 200 000.

but experts believe that is understated and many cases are going unreported so far vaccine production and distribution haven’t been able to keep up with a new variant of the virus

that’s more contagious

Indian citizen added that today we are picking up his cousin two days back i i picked up on my own uncle and he died because we couldn’t supply him oxygen i was working in the mortuary van

Further, he added that i couldn’t pick up the call and the moment i was able to receive the call he was already passed away

so it’s it’s really tough for us on saturday reports emerged saying the government knew about the severity of

the new variant as early as march and the devastation of potential outbreak could cause

they ignored expert warnings to impose social distancing measures sooner india’s call for international help has been heard more than 40 countries are urgently sending plane loads of oxygen and other medical supplies for millions of indians now at risk from the virus that help can’t arrive soon enough wilson deizard.

A fire in a COVID-19 hospital ward in western India killed 18 patients as the country grappling with the world’s worst outbreak stepped up a vaccination drive for all adults even though some states say they do not have enough jabs.

India on Saturday set yet another daily global record with 401,993 new coronavirus cases, taking its tally to more than 19.1 million.

Another 3,523 people died in the past 24 hours, raising the overall deaths to 211,853, according to the health ministry. Experts believe both figures are an undercount.


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