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European conquest of America

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in the middle of the century roughly the territory is known to your despite the discovery 500 years area of a trip of North America by a Viking tribe continent and the tens of millions of souls that populated are still unknown to your Twin Towers most centuries in Europe is main the oriented toward ager promise Silk spices to date East Indies all lucrative for the user control them a net worth of the Mediterranean sea the powerful republics of Venice and Genoa dominate trade fees of IPL win 10 in silver into breakfast Monopoly and set off in search of new routes boosting acceleration of the make the popular Republic of January live in Lisbon navigator dreams of discovering a new row to Cafe found in present-day China and Japan

According to his calculations the Territories are close enough to attempt a crossing represent the project to the Portuguese king who refuses to finances and how to focus is on the exploration of root by Africa Columbus then tries his luck with Spanish catholic Kings eventually the expedition Christopher Columbus set off on his voyage in 1492 as Head of 36 and a cruel and monkey man 70 days of sailing the expedition discovers an island in the Bahamian archipelago with the natives is peaceful and found the East Indies Columbus called them Indians hops from Ireland to island instead of Congo Spain he is welcome he said sale again the following this time with 17 ships to establish determinant settlement on the island of Hispaniola created in owner of the queen of Castile with Bank of India to explore surrounding areas a newly discovered these things need to come up with the plan to share the territory median is a fine with newly discovered lands to it was those in the east coast of Portugal Spanish king with evangelizing the new territories

England user tries to reach khate but from the north leading to discover New lands hot girls opening a new sea route to India petition Portuguese ship head West Brom Si current day by discovering a new Land located east of the middle of the deceased colonies are quickly established there 1506 Christopher Columbus dies without Discover a new continent Suchi another navigator who travel several times it’s a new World the continent is dead name and America after him Explorer score the conquistador set of to discover the condition of the native deteriorates land the stolen people are enslaved previously unknown diseases by Europeans spread through the continent and decimate populations 6 inch National costliest years of a city called NOC plan a supported city of gold expedition in search of the City Kota city life in the Aztec Empire rules over surrounding territories and people take advantage of the situation to propose or imposed by four that the locals become part of the Spanish Empire

History place of why did by locals to the capital where they receive a warm welcome seeking to go around the world discovers a straight that would wear his name and enters the Pacific solving near operates out in tennis with learn Spanish and their alloys improve the Siege of 75 days around the capital moreover a smallpox epidemic eventually exhausts the Aztec people surrender Cottage enters the city and becomes the governor of you Spain Spanish colonies cultivate local products are known in Europe such as mais potato tobacco and check out this product as well as gold and silver from conquest and from mind Surat settlement ho to take a religious turn with the arrival of the franciscans Who wish to establish search then back home and that his relatives in the conquest of the mind people conquistadores Francisco pizaro fears of the supposedly rich in calcium Paya trial on successful expedition he returns to the army in 1531 the intime fire is already we can buy small pots with the disease claiming the life of a temperature of European sparking a succession war between Pizza rope and the new Emperor atahualpa the latter is captured and several tons of gold received for his release

French for try to colonize but they failed because of existing Spanish and Portuguese forces and because of address climatic conditions and diseases eventually movie sources are allocated into colonization and neutrons is founded in order to develop triangle fishing and first English and Dutch quickly followed suit and set an alarm to cost state of many time following the passenger war taking place in Europe French I live with local tribe while the English The Rock hua in the mid 17th century the slave trade Joseph European ships go to Africa loaded with goods which are exchanged again slaves who are transported in India to America where they exchanged against local products and cold sleeves are the mainly used in plantations while the ship to your cell American products at high prices new France losses fourth and final into colonial War 2 Colony then comes under control of the British

Who see the portion to the trees in exchange for Florida taking a financial toll on the United Kingdom colonies are main to pay through new taxes 13 colonies Rebel and declared Independence does we cancel new war between the United Kingdom and these colonies was supported by France Spain and the United province of the Netherlands age of first to recognise the independence of the United States share begins to establish settlement in North Western Coastal territories Spain find itself weekend because the war against France its colonies became to prepare Independence and space to Wipro and Technology sentence from Mexico and asked to join the United States two countries shout and swings to the advantage of the United States who sees California and New Mexico distance between the British colonies and the unite in 1865 United States buys Alaska from Russia Bapu chair the last natures to have resisted attempts at colonization Argentina and Chile call Quest in order to have access to both oceans Puche defeated the entire continent is conquered


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