May 7, 2021


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Ertugrul Ghazi came and took the money and left; Fahad Mustafa

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Egin altan
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Recently, Pakistani actor Fahad Mustafa, while giving an interview about Egin Altan, also known as Ertagul Ghazi, said that the actor came to Pakistan and went back with money.
But actors like us will stay in Pakistan forever
In a separate interview. he is talking about his Dramas which he said that all the roads were empty during our dramas telcast
And when I make such a drama, its name will Jalan and Shama, then why so much criticism.?
He further said that 10 to 15% of the people in our country do not like our corrupt dramas and keep criticizing them but the rest like them.

He further criticized Ghazi like jealousy that he came to Pakistan, sat with the lion and took the money and left.

On this interview of famous Pakistani actor Fahad Mustafa, social media users from all over Pakistan are showing great grief and anger towards Fahad Mustafa. Many social media users who were fans of Fahad Mustafa also strongly condemned him. Fahd Mustafa, referring to both his plays, said that he was proud of them but all these things were baseless but here the people of Pakistan will decide what kind of environment they like.
Remember that Turkish dramas are becoming very popular in Pakistan nowadays and Turkish actors are getting a lot of love from Pakistan.


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