May 7, 2021


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Erdoğan Turkey and Israel draft a new maritime deal

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turkey and israel
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Cruise-only applies to those who cannot afford different roles after years of diplomatic apprehensions Turkey and this role are working on ways to restore the polymeric ties at the heart of the negotiation is a Maritime plan that would we distribute to see in between the proposal would directly connect he is really exclusive Economic Zone with the Turkish sector while also barricading Cyprus from the Mediterranean all the Turks and Israel is good clean significant territories that are presumed to be rich in hydrocarbons in addition that you would work together on redirecting previously proposed pipelines towards more cost-effective wraps the numeric and you whole strategic and economic promise for both sides the costs hour or dual with violet existing International consensus and in the process reshape the Eastern Mediterranean.

better days are ahead for Turkey and this well in recent months there have been sincere efforts towards reconciliation the discussions cover a variety of topics ranging from the status of the Palestinian organizations to the sale of military Technologies to the role of 36 of power one of the world cup points is the maritime zone of the Eastern Mediterranean and the resources it holds for both Nations here Turkey has several strains of bacteria that do not fall on registration while Israel 6 seater is coastline were much of its Industrial and economic power is situated trick in particular has been steadfast in its claims in conjunction with its Maritime policy do Homeland Ankara drafted Seral delimitation agreements for exploration rights in November 2019 30 sign in Maritime boundary 3D with the internationally recognized Government of India which allowed for occasional Eden’s very of a Mediterranean resources 9 months later trees and Egypt scientist similarity to the market and exclusive economic zone for Drone oil and gas drilling write the United Arab Emirates sin theta fans but with trees with it for tighten the Eastern Mediterranean comes with considerable historical package but at its core this code is about legal designations and interpretations the hydrocarbon resources that lie on the needs the seabed I didn’t to be within Grace and services exclusive Economic Zone according to the law of the sea convention coastal States can climb up to 370 kilometer’s

Assad exclusive Economic Zone to export the existing resources in the Mediterranean the principal is deeply to the Geographic body is Samey my closed and the respective exclusive Economic Zone transformed into each other in all sorts of this agreement is still more complicated Turkey is not a signatory to the law of the sea and interpreter provisions derived from one forked argues that islands do not have the right to an exclusive Economic Zone particularly not in an enclosed Pardesi instead the island in the Mediterranean are part of the continental shelf and this qualified to claim the round exclusive Economic Zone the reason for this interpretation is that there are hundreds of Greek islands in the Aegean some within my side of the Turkish coast which of these islands has an exclusive Economic Zone Turkish Maritime interest would be effectively confined to a very narrow strip so to security interest Turkey has helped reconciliation talks with Israel and since may 2020 questions of included the marathon sphere now to get some context is really lawmakers believe that they were cheated of thousands of kilometer’s of maritime area when a provisional medial line was drawn between Israel and Cyprus that line was supposed to be tired but then quickly became the defective boundary Sipra kilometers start licensing the parcels to multinational any difference in writing as many different conglomerates as possible that was an attempt to manufacture International consensus and it worked French and Italian reference for the scene with student services Maritime claims into an economic priority for France and Italy meanwhile Israel lost about 3600 square kilometer’s of Marathon area usually this wouldn’t be such a big deal but the city of maritime area happens to be a resource rich for self belonging to the affair that gas field sports billions Suman 2010

Cyprus signed the maritime delimitation agreement with Israel which office he is really clean 2010 agreement 3:30 share exclusive economic zone for hydrocarbon exploration padestrial was still only allowed to operate in one personnel and even in that sell for cell is well received the junior share of the hydrocarbons for this really is this was clearly a bad deal tourism has been trying to renegotiate the transfer of binding to it but that hasn’t difficult to to French and Italian support for the CP of claim since their service and it’s rather than the political dialogue fast forward to 2020 Israeli and produce lawmakers have come to see things at why and it’s been working on a new Maritime dual accordingly to reduce surface Dhoni Santali but the essence of the deal is divided into two parts the first coupon and would see a diagonal line the market Turkey and extras Marathon areas while cutting prove cypriot waters the new diagonal border would register the shared exclusive Economic Zone connecting the coast of Turkey and natural draught also she is proud and up to 16000 square kilometres of maritime space including control of the integrity of the aphrodite gas field at the same time Turkey wooden around 10,000 kilometres of Marathon area including some persons that are currently being explored for hydrocarbon this arrangement will be akin to the Turkish Libyan deal of 2019 2nd compounded meanwhile focuses on five lines in its plan to export natural gas to Europe Israel has teamed up with crescent Cyprus to develop the East pipeline this proposed pipeline with wavelength of roughly 1912 teaching tips of three kilometres is capacity with matter about 10 billion cubic metres per year and it would transform natural gas starting from Israel to Cyprus the great to the main island of Grey stripe them to the source of Italy the cost of the project is expected to reach 72 hours but even more troubling is that it does not work as the man is predicted to khud Rupal by 24 30 is my pipeline is not only expensive but it may not even though never enough Natural Gas in the long run and priced I can the insufficiency of resources italy’s Foreign ministry has cast talks about the feasibility of the east math Pipe and the Camper proposal on the new Turkish is really deal Israel would export

It’s not forgotten yes the connecting with the existing pipeline network across 30 returns anatolian gas pipeline for example connects to the transit reactive pipeline in prison Albania while also being Indian natural gas from the South caucasus pipeline the exact route to connect Israel tour etrans anatolian gas pipeline is unknown but given its capacity involved parties and the fact that it already exists that runs on ethylene gas pipeline with almost certainly proved to be a more cost-effective alternative for medium and long term Energy Corporation action taken together the Turkish Israeli Maritime dual fix 2 ank and Jerusalem spending disputes in one fell swoop through bilateral agreements will doing so the proposal would not only Reconcile but upgrade the Turkish is really relationship to a new strategy guides however while the proposal on the pipelines makes sense the boundaries of the Exclusive economic zones with commity expense of Cyprus and herein lies the problem in spite of the differences Israel in Cyprus remain closed Israeli officials have stated that cyprus is an Ally and any bilateral agreement in the Mediterranean farms cyprus is an acceptable as it is it ok if it really did you would disrupt the existing parameters is really in Cyprus a part of maritime agreements that are aligned with the the law of the sea convention United Nations and the European Union recognise the current Maritime boundaries between the two it is entered into such an agreement with Turkey would have to a know the previous agreements and then handle the diplomatic fallout trees and cyprus will almost certainly condemn the Turkish Israel with you as a violation of their respective servant is backed by France European union’s mechanisms would be employed to penalize perfect and Israel at the same time it swells new family relationship with the United Arab Emirates would come on the scrutiny given reaches the fact fact those considering the outcome any proposal that comes at the expense of Cyprus is a non-starter for Israel it is for that reason that Israeli officials have rejected the dual and to help that said despite only international agreements that Israel and Cyprus of signed ownership AAP of the aphrodite gas field remains disputed there is no binding agreement on it which in turn is a violation of natural rights in the principle of proportionality in Maritime delimitation of it will now surfaces have The Upper Hand in the negotiations for the Israelis could use the threat of a totally new to extort more concessions from the Cypriots by and large these types of political negotiations are of them on fair but talks restaurant irreducible measures of dispersion and every friendship has some degree of self-interest but negotiate with mask because negotiation in the classical sense assumes that the parties or more anxious.

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