May 7, 2021


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Environment And water Protection In Pakistan

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Pakistan is facing various internal and external problems.
The most serious and attention-seeking problem is environmental and water protection. Good environment and clean water is the basic necessity of a community but its importance increase in an agrarian country just like Pakistan. A major portion of our population depends on the rain and availability of water. Pakistan has been facing a shortage of water in many parts for the last few years. Infer years Pakistan has been included in the list of countries that are facing extreme scarcity of water. It is causing serious and dangerous apprehensions.

Many steps are bieng taken in this regard at national level. plans are being developed to store water by building dams on the rivers. The major water shortage is currently in sindh spacially in THAR. the people of sindh facing this problem sinsce many decade but till yet no any sindh administration taken any step for this issue.
Now the present prime minister Mr. Imran Khan who taken a great deccision for tree plantation. The project name is billion tree tsunami in Khyber pakhtunkhwa. and the project launched and istalled successfully.


It has now become a movement, as the scarcity of trees is also a cause of fewer rain and trees also help to maintain the environmental change. The local leadership can play a vital role to keep the environment green and save water from being wasted. I am talking about the KP govt which has quite appreciated.
It is important to raised awareness among the masses that if we don’t plant new trees to replace the rapid cutting of trees then it will cause an unbearable rise in temperature. Moreover, due to the lack of rain, our land of rain will become barren.

At the local level, we can keep our environment clean by disposing of the waste in one place properly. The use of plastics shopping bags is causing a lot of damage to the environment. The local leadership can help to denounce the use of plastic shopping bags at the local level.
Another project in 2019 launched by Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf called #Clean&GreenKPK

imran khan
Prime Minister Of Pakistan Imran Khan

This project gives many opportunities for jobs Rozgaar to KP people. Many people making bags from cloths. and it’s eco environmentally work.

To make every person ambitious regarding this issue the local leaders should take the following steps

  • Trees plantation in homes and agricultural land should be encouraged.
  • Cutting of trees without solid reason should be avoided.
  • people should be made conscious of the effects of increasing temperature and negative environmental changes.
  • Careful water usage should be adopted and natives should be guided in this matter.
  • If someplace is available then rainwater should be stored in it.


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