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Does walking 10 000 steps a day really keep you healthy?

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10,000 Steps require for a single day to every person

  • Origin of 10,000 steps
  • Stride, Distance, Time
  • Physical Activity goals
  • Physical and Mental Benefits
  • Walking contraindication

In 1965, A Japanese company introduced a new step counter called (Pedometer)
They called 10,000 steps (Mando-Kae)

I am going to discuss the origin of 10000 steps strike distance and time physical activity girls physical and mental benefits of walking walking contraindications 10000 steps packs in males how did the idea of walking 10000 steps a day originated

in 1965 a Japanese company introduced a new step counter they called 10000 steps the product slogan let’s walk 10000 steps a day time and Japanese cities and towns wood design for walking 10000 steps a day Cordon and has been used as a de facto standard is walking 10000 steps a day 12 realistic go back in time sitting and Standing and moving around the answer and what about recommendation for 30 minutes daily moderate physical activities

Almost everyone agrees a sedentary Lifestyle contributes to a number of serious health conditions they include being overweight or b l type 2 diabetes high blood pressure high blood sugar levels and cholesterol increases the risk of dementia in a strong life expectancy walking is one way to reduce those help us but how much daily while on steps distance portal device to track distance what it must know the length of your stride the average length of your stride is the distance from how to tell that uses the empirical system 1 mile = 5290 feet 63360 inches between Which describes as walking is about 3 miles per hour 30 minutes

Work is about one and a half Mile 2602 3400 steps to complicate things, even more, some fitness experts recommend Walk In A Thousand steps the day While others recommend walking in a list of 15000 steps should a required in about two and a half hours for millions of people with decimal walking 2-3 day 4000 steps a day can be a challenging Google walking is just wonder of physical activity how much walking you do depends on your goals it is an excellent form of aerobic exercise walking also liked running walking is low impact put in less stress on your ankles and needs we are all born to walk and walking require a personal trainer gym membership for special equipment time and motivation

Some people walking it is not essential you must remember to their second depending on the type and quality they may or may not the number of steps includes a watch for Smartphone 30 minutes of walking is approximately 3,000 for 10000 steps you need to walk over one and a half hours into three times a week to maintain required equipment or gym membership walking between 5 to 10 minutes lower blood pressure and cholesterol low fasting blood sugar in Increase life expectancy in anxiety stress and depression and cognitive function and help to reduce the risk of dementia like most physical activity is walking hairstyle on indications their foot aur like injury for leg pain severe Redeemer difficulty breathing dizziness or Vertical in summary health benefits of walking 10000 steps a day is its 9 requirement you also do not need a Pedometer or a device to track the number of steps a day in a Healthy lifestyle please comment if you have any questions
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