May 7, 2021


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Dealing And Land Disputed; Land Mafia A disaster foretold. How To Handle It?

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Intolerance and anger have badly damaged the mutual relations of the people living together. Such news is daily heard that a person has killed his friend over a trivial dispute of a small amount. It is very common that people are killed in the disputed starting from the quarrels of the children

One or the other groups make access to the police on small disputes. Approaching to police and the count of justice over land and water disputes has become a common trail especially in our rural life. As the police and courts are already over-burdened, such cases are not decided at all. In the majority of such cases of land, water, and routes, the parties spend even more money than the actual value of things of disputes. The institutions are so over-burdened due to cases filed over these trivial disputes that ver important issue ae overlooked. The majority of land-related disputes can be solved by the patwaris of the revenue department.

land mafia

The elder of the village is also aware of the long history of the land. These issues can easily be resolved at the local level. The local leading persons can develop this sense among the people by mentioning the various examples of murders due to disputes arising from these petty matters that human life is so precious. To control yourself in anger is great art. If these local leaders learn this art themselves then they are not only can become an example for others but can also bring a great change in social life by making other people learn this skill. Real brothers have parted due to anger and petty disputes.
Generally, the lumber cars and chiefs are impartial personalities r such as committees comprising impartial and undisputable persons of the area that can be formed that can solve trivial disputes at the local level.
Ar the one hand, it will solve trivial disputes and speedy justice, while n the other hand it will reduce the pressure of work over our institutions and courts.

In this regard, people should follow these things. and their role in the following ways

  • Committees should be formed by bringing well-reputed people into these committees
  • There must be an advisory council to ask people they keep away from fighting over these issues if nominal money or land disputes
  • These should be a devised procedure regarding bringing matters to these committees
  • Committees must consult the parties and after making is compulsory to accept the decision it must be decided in the best possible way on merit
  • Members on the committees can be changed (if any party has an objection to any of its member)
  • These should be a procedure of appeals regarding committees’ decisions.


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