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Contemporary Geopolitics of Israel-Palestine: Conflict Resolution and the Construction of Knowledge

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Small fragile and limited resources the state of the history of places hostel in North East and South to their families like me in the Mediterranean sea facing such challenges tire Jerusalemsulam has survived by a line with the world so superpower but that is not considered a situation Israel must also manage to integrate ties with neighbors either by collaboration with explanation by following the logical and economic advantages release is a sense of peace without justice and this was born in the fastest and most doctors corner Italy existence is Defined by the prospect of threat of extinction 16 spoke about the geopolitics Israel is divided into three regions of the epicenter of the political economic and cultural life is the cost of plane which runs along the Mediterranean coast into the sea and mountains the area is home to israel’s most important urban centres including Tel Aviv Haifa and Jerusalem the plane also hosts the country’s International Airport seaports critical infrastructure and political institution because the plane therefore makes up the heartland of Israel however to band structure is a little over 50 kilometres from east to west that is an alarm narrow margin as it leaves the Israeli heartland without a buffer a concentrated push by a military force from either the north south east and the Israeli political and economic hubs in a matter of hours this lack of strategic death is the single most finding Geographic feature of HUL the loss of a single Hill corridor bottle can have the harshest consequences especially with modern veterinary Princeton se missile launched from somewhere in Syria to reach Tel Aviv in a few minutes and even the advanced military Technology has granted is the capacity to nullified is imminent danger as the lack of strategic debt looms over the country nonetheless there any place that can be considered a buffer is the negev desert in South known to be fast arid and sparsely populated the negative how strongly to notable locations and causes the first the paucity of a lot represents israel’s soul access point to the Red Sea and from there to the Global markets that the city sits outside this really heartland its strategic value is indispensable because it allows the Israeli Dubai best potential navel located in the Mediterranean the second most important site by the negative is the Gaza strip home to the palestinians in Gaza acts as a backwater in regional politics the area has least value and save it as a place of poverty and neglect the result of this embodiment is a rise in the extremist ideologies and movements

During the Negev desert are the countries of Egypt and Jordan with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia located not too far away deduction from is especially worth mentioning as the negev desert is directly connected to the Sinai Peninsula these various acts as the torrent was also causing major security risks while the error tyring has historically render the movement of Armies do to register modern technology is overcoming this concern should a sizeable force cross through these deficits they would have a high degree of maneuverability in reaching the Israeli hartland will the presence of the local Nations the results of the question of non state actors it is an area difficult to control even more so than then again if so besides the apprehensions offer Egypt Israel is must also be content with these smuggler’s and disciplines that are using this as a safe even on the opposite end of Israel ton of Lies the Gali retan noun phrase Heli and mountainous Terrain it Gali Lake features the Jordan river and the sea of galilee a letter for which the region is named after these important water supplies after the area into an agricultural and manufacturing hub as such the Gali holes and Thomas strategic value for those seeking to develop their economies it is therefore not by accident that historically foreign powers have taken the notional route when reading a story from Barbie long Syria Persia from the Arabs and the turks nearly all Emperors much down the northern Valley to conquer Jerusalem in Modern Times Lebanon and Syria make up the northern neighbours with Jordan travelling along the Eastern edge

However the historical security dilemma still exist today’s day and the only way to hold off numerically Supriya forces is by occupying the nearby Heights Prince military forces located in the Golan Heights and the anti Lebanon mountains would have a significant advantage over the proximity just imagine the damage one can have lived through long range it is for that reason that Israel occupies the Golan Heights as a buffer against a hostel Syria the same argument can be made for the other occupied territories Princess by controlling the high ground along the Jordan river is what can ensure the security of its Eastern flag so although there is no legal validity to Israel population over the strategic Heights without them the state of Israel would be just one Breath Away From total destruction ordinarily Nations can result in situ of the shortcomings by forming a strong alliances galore multilateral agreements for Jerusalem Hawa friends are few and far should any of the neighbours sense weakness in the Israeli part they would like to react on it that is precisely what happened in 1948 when Israel declared its independence from the British mandate Egypt Jordan Iraq Syria Saudi Arabia and Yemen officially and the conflict in each of his brows main regions jio political nightmares came through Egypt cross the negev desert in the first few days of the fighting in Syria use the Golan Heights the bomb Bagh Israeli settlements before launching an indication of his own meanwhile this really heartland name with the area surrounding Jerusalem was under attack by the jordanian Arab legion still through a combination of military excellence in the Israeli pathway and military Incompetence on the other part is brown managed to secure and Unlike the victory that victory however was incomplete.

Yet is a process of solidifying is borders and search for other means of the Trends such as its Nuclear missile program in the 1950 se 1960 however, the neighboring trees would not let go and they could not the Palestinian Refugee crisis was reaching its boiling point than Arab nationalism was taking Hold and only Aaron Nation can boosting their Enemies in front of hostilities was inevitable in 1967 that work together and it on traveled across Israel’s geo-strategic consultants Egypt and forces are sourced from the west into the Negev desert wall Jordan in units launched attacks in Jerusalem from the east Syria meanwhile launched artillery strikes against Israeli settlements in the region and Lebanon but it attacks Israeli positions in the north as unlikely as it seemed that war resulted in yet another to size of Israeli victory and the capture of all the strategic territories and Heights Israel to victory on the battlefield 3 more lies the Arab governments to such an extent that it asset in an era of instability in the Arab world in turn describe the Israelis and necessary breathing room furthermore the victory

In 1967 opened the door for a strategic partnership between Israel and the United States prior to this Jerusalem and Washington had casual relations with the Soviet support for the Arab states in the 6th day war Israel closer in the American camp this newfound relationship would go on to be instrumental in bolstering israel’s national security however israel’s newfound Triumph came with Strings Attached the newly capital territory is populated by palestinians who are not loyal to the Israeli state is created a new crisis within itself that has lasted to the present day the millions of palestinians residing in Israel the west bank of the Gaza strip became Eid ul Arab Israeli citizens for occupied persons in a state of Limbo granting them citizenship was considered an realistic as this would have created a demographic crisis was believed that somewhere in the future the palestinians would become a majority to to their higher rates and thereby capable of seizing more political power possibly is an ending Israel as a Jewish state so it’s really is this was an unacceptable future however retreating from the Palestinian territories was now after ITA the west bank house many cities that are secret to reduce speed and the political leaders call to concede so what happened instead is that over time Israeli settlements were constructed route East Jerusalem and the west bank this method is really control over these regions and enhance the security of visceral but is also stood at attention is across the area and impaired the israeli-palestinian conflict in the following decades Egypt and Jordan would make peace with Israel for the palestinians would form New groups and launch rates and attacks with the aim to dislodge the Israeli occupation the violence did not work but needed the negotiation and instead a seemingly profitable insert.

today is no longer faces and exercise of thread but to whether dijiyo political stones it must receive specific objectives first and foremost Israel need to maintain its strategic relationship with United States having America as an Ally means that israel’s military and slide remains teachers to enable front currently Washington is in the process of the Taj in itself from middle Eastern affairs but this really lobby Mein yippee powerful enough to give America and it Ralph even if the former has no genuine interest in Tamil list second Israel must normalise its relationship with the error Pro it is in midst of doing so but to make things work Jerusalem must also be approached and republics in addition to the governments otherwise it will fall apart Swift 3rd itldis result the conflict with the Palestinians beyond the recent deals with a reputed Israel must address the Palestinian issue for the sake of domestic stability some so don’t you must be arranged that sees the stabilization and the militarization of the Palestinian groups perhaps with a degree of self governance doing nothing would be a fatal mistake a likely result in New uprisings

Concepts for Israel must resolve the conflict with North namely the dangerous from Syria Lebanon and the non state actors that reside there the situation in the north is so tense that it cannot of 4th look week or wait for the enemy to strike first as a result Jerusalem of temperatures a preemptive policy however there may yet be another way to know why to not friends breath for this is release allies in the outer Periphery she liked it but it also needs to make peace with Iranian to prepare proxy activities in the love of having allies or at least an understanding with the outer Periphery would strengthen israel’s Notun flag now naming these jio political objectives one by one may seem reasonable or doable but one thing to consider is that these goals can only be perceived as well as shall maintain control over the nearby strategic Heights it’s not fair or just IT violates International Law well also stock intentions but going back to the 1967 borders is practically impossible to install with subject the Israeli heartland to devastating rocket and artillery power and likely split the nation into again it’s not fair but it’s just the reality on the ground some territorial concessions can be made vadoli in areas of lower elevation that explains why Israel withdrew from the Sinai Peninsula and the Gaza strip yet is unwilling to leave the Golan Heights are the west bank so the application is possible but only in areas of no strategic value for all intents and purposes it really is like a Fortress on receipt its small size means that it cannot afford to lose it doesn’t have a backup plan so to survive Israel will do whatever it takes even if that means Breaking the rules and norms.

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