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Complete History of Afghanistan

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Afghanistan National 27 million people has one of the fastest-growing populations on the planet and we’ll soon be more popular than either Canada for Poland is bordered by a run taken when is then used bikes 10 Physics 10 China and Pakistan Afghanistan 20-22 across firms as connected Iranian Central and East Asian civilisations India it is one of the most mountainous countries in the world however it is also home to Vaishnavi Travels and coronavirus curve by the masses normal flowing from the Hindu Kush another mountain ranges which animal of which country more than 4000 years ago the farmers of this region began to organise it is first ancient city States other than those in the node in the lender became known as bacteria work properly connected the centre is in people’s lives in a selfie heavily influenced by the Indus valley civilization with some of the city’s mayor likely been founded by coronavirus from what is done Afghanistan mysterious even Kapoor the current Apple back Aniston is likely to have been new continuously inhabited for more than 500 with some time during the 2nd century BC

The meets another nirani conquer in United and underwear which lasted approximately 11% Re Mu related to divide the empire of fitness at rupees for provinces by the time the conquest of Alexander the Great Persian people language culture and religion in what is now Afghanistan with tourist and minority play some of the most honorable resistance of his conquest truly had a son Ozone and Alexander security allegiance so much of the battery nobility and people and access to India today strategically important hybrid colonies in the region the later became involved in the commercial and the macedonian general duties in his descendants controller for bacteria Indus river valley

Best of this year had the last Chandragupta assisted in gift in his 500th trade war effect in his words in the West the long after the Greek cities a bacteria overthrew solution rule establishing The Water Kingdom the control method the land from China and India stand to sell used in bayesian and annually to read along cedarville University about having exhausted solution next two decades the seleucid Empire ATMs tomorrow in a park other successful sorted by internal division as much of the army was in India expanding greco-bactrian territory

The king was overthrown by using split in empire and the two kingdoms which both experienced amalgamation of Greek Iranian Indian another Shah Sophia Sophia military defeat by the parthians table overrun by successive waves in the American Bakers the most powerful who established control over the river Indus Valley to use several in bacteria and a simulated with the local people over time after the waves in American patients compared to some of the Indus river originates acid dynasty was very hands of the content is long is taxes were paid in men’s applied Army when needed in as they became increasingly focused on thermal expansion into Mesopotamia Noble family that defeated the skeletons in indusviva Asian restaurant in Delhi sister pay taxes and their think 90 cost states of Europe in the north the cracker factory in people

In UC tribes for decoration Kingdom and Empire the expense of the partitions in an expanded deep in the Central Asia and Indian subcontinent the Christians worship cricket is well Hindu God overtime tourism became and was widely from within mis borders and even without it is merchants and missionary is travelling and China crossroads of the world manufactured goods from S coronavirus China Road INOX MI if you would win common sites the party and succumb to internal version used successfully campaign to the north south east and West

Quickly running the Kushan empire and established to to change things of repeater minister and stripped of the military and administrative power write an apple lights can control the Eastern portion of the Empire like to use it for them the instance of a help provinces of iron is likely to rise from the past indefinite approaches the largest in Afghanistan by the time of this region and difficult second row customs Vapi city state controlling credit card bill passed in India founded by a Persian coppersmith on in southwestern Afghanistan successfully rebelled against the address and which is the dynasty violin promoted x n x x read the mistake and utilising cricket light sources which anytime everytime understand I think the policies of the Marine Islam and Persian Kota particularly among directed tribes ourselves with the Empire figures with complete with Celtic and which allowed by the native query dynasty which had recently converted from Buddhism the alarm and possibly a Pashto understand during the reign of South India our activity are called in that moment in fighting and was rapidly concrete by going to Delhi South in India and the empire conquest of India autonomy Army surrender successor States after the conquest of the written on it

At the name coincident VM enemy the secrets of Princess Raj established a sizeable kingdom for show time even greater slaughter in destruction drive the nearest ten the mongols had done a few generations before he more frequently used at operations Vengeance to the capital of Daman and Diu peace and prosperity and ended with internal strife and civil war with its territory been lost tourist bags play me the sun from chemo 17th century Afghanistan became a large your name is buffer zone between the powerful safford and noble empires in 1709 the past Empire common treatment of one of the most clean the house short Discovery commanders Amit Shah Durrani was at Austin and returned his online and experience required effect counter in the series but did not join is called and even Sakshi the capital city of Delhi in 1757

Coronavirus considered the foundation of the modern state tennis 10 they were defeated by the Sikhs and driven out of the Indian subcontinent after China due to poor diplomatic relations in a traffic along danger Mantra Travels Central Asia of the disappeared this was due to the expansion of the Governance of the British East India company of American trade live in Afghanistan and more isolated to the country concept of a national after an identification problem post India and Russia take Afghanistan and used as a state in ground to take India from them tended instead and reinstall the deposed Rani king of the world who is widely disliked after encounter most of their troops Bhakti India remaining British occupying force was then embarrassed and was almost completely slaughtered Indo Western operation be included after both sides of a tv has always Afghanistan became a British now with maintaining countries in the British and Elena Foreign Affairs with identity third Anglo

Afghan war hundred and twenty thousand after 3D was made Afghanistan V International Independence Day in 1926 the country was formed in the kingdom and began the process of modernization and increased contact with the outside world in 1973 the model President of Singapore river corporate the United States-based medical reimbursement software Meditrina communist Ada established in the Democratic Republic of bhakti song is caused by millions of refugees to leave the country a few years after the Soviet Union with funda national power Islamic state Afghanistan Over To The Definite integral with the cities which was allowed to your brother on a birthday is on my camera and against five years later us forces the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in 2004 this dinner Prometheus remember to subscribe in the device can get notifications on my contact like this possible.

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