May 7, 2021


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Chinese GOVT Introducing International Digital Yuan Currency

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China has now become an economic superpower but its economy is still heavily dependent on the US dollar but in the next few years a revolution will have taken place which will help not only China but also Pakistan to pay off its debts.

In this Blog we will tell you where and how the power plant is being used at the moment and how Pakistan is benefiting from it. The Chinese government is about to introduce a digital currency that will control the central bank and thus try to end US economic dominance in the world.

To introduce this degree, China has been asked by local technology companies to introduce this degree., a major e-commerce company, announced on April 26 that it was paying the salaries of some of the victims of the attack through online companies here.

There is one who is paying salaries to employees in China through W.A. as well as those who have recently Numerous digital currency experiments have been conducted in China. In 2020, the digital currency of 10 million young fathers in Tianjin, China, was distributed to 500,000 residents so that they can shop with online and offline sellers.

Similar programs have since been implemented in several major Chinese cities, but residents will have to apply for electricity and payments at selected banks. The program is similar to the way paper walls are circulating in China. The program is being led by the Central Bank of China, while 6 major commercial banks across the country have been assigned to DG XI’s younger sister. Has been tasked with distributing the new currency to more and more technology companies to prepare as many people as possible for the use of this new currency. It has been actively involved in the creation of new diesel currency systems by technology companies across the globe. Doing so will also help the central government track the circulation of wealth The richest man in the most important conversation is asked by the account group to transfer paper to other people.

In addition to working with the World Bank, Huawei has also introduced a digital watch in its smartphone model, so that consumers can spend a little. Remember that this currency is also an important thing. Thanks to the Diwan,

the Chinese government will also be able to curb one of the key factors that will make bitcoin attractive, namely, to have all the grief names that will help the Chinese government find out about people’s spending during Ramadan. Wealth will not be tied to the global financial system in which the dollar dominates the use of US power, or to note that China has long used its currency as a global alternative to the dollar.

Wants to offer and there are those who can potentially help them in this while it will also be possible to prepare consumers from other countries for their use in this way Pakistan will be able to do the same and by doing so Pakistan will be able to John will also lose the dollar and on the other hand because of this the value of the US dollar will fall and the result will be that Pakistan including We will tell you that just as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to introduce a common currency with eight Islamic countries, he cannot compete with the dollar or China.


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