May 18, 2021


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Can Russia Become Successful in Africa against China and France?

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Has an improving interest in the Africa continent presents a lot of opportunity in regard to economic and military cooperation although there are many competitors it is going to create an impact in the region the country has successfully created a positive reputation in many African countries

the mask uses its presence in Africa Din very broad terms building at times President Vladimir Putin Africa is one of Russia’s foreign policy priorities is the country has been boosting its diplomatic links in the wire with various African heads of state visiting mass cal since 2015 6 of the ambitions are prompted some concerns in other countries with close ties to the continent that they are being outplayed by Mushkil and economic presence on the African continent is the question the world trade with all African countries is almost three times more with an African deal with friends and fails in comparison with Chinese almost 200 billion dollar Vertiv investments in Africa

So what I do African countries from the west there are some key areas in which Russia is interested is an important defence partner For Africa to the region economic models for involvement in Africa and Minerals such as manganese bauxite and chromium all of which are important for industry leadership wants to improve the trade relationship because we are currently does much more trade with you ok bye how Google analyses this issue in his article expanding diplomatic contact with less prominent countries in Africa on the Jamestown website attracted attention particularly when it is in Badmash cal use a private military companies to support one another side of civil conflict there were no longer-term military presence in the form of local basis with dual-use facilities but for less attention has been given to ration diplomatic efforts economic environment and uses of Tower to gain in large measure because mass cal has been able to act in These areas without the kind of opposition to the projection of military power

Almost inevitably generates I want various and Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov signal having a meeting with his counterpart what does the kremlin has Great Expectations, as a result, he said Mushkil wants to go to operation is a tablet by the 2019 Russian African summit in Sakchi and plans to use two Institutions created as a result of the better than the association for economic cooperation with the countries of Africa and the Rocher Africa partnership forum as the primary channels to achieve those goals that will set the stage Labra continued to the contraction of second Russia after submit next year he acknowledged Russia is still a little behind other countries but said it plans to make up the time it lost after 1991

Indeed it is dhokla house master master even more influence in Africa than it had in the Soviet fast exactly what it looks like in this regard is now been outlined by Leonid the tuning the deputy head of the Russian Academy of Sciences Centre for Global Institute research according to him mass cal seeks to avoid going head-to-head against other powers active in Africa and rather is focusing on the numerous situations in which neither the west not active their energy will progress because such here for neglected African countries welcome the attention and are far more ready to go out with her show in ways that benefit both without setting off alarm Bells moreover he told mask and operator for more inexpensively than is the case where it must compete with western governments and companies as a result we should is building alliances that can help it across the board as it is living in Sierra Leone however it has quickly Sciences expert want because although the African continent is one of these zones where attitudes towards was not bad that could change quickly not only made the Western

China become more active there was also in many African countries about 60% of all media content comes from the outside mostly from the west but also from China that content is altering how many Africans do the world and not in Russia’s favor to this influence mask think and do not only but also by selling it ration pharmaceuticals and Other goods after needs you think that such cooperation will open the way the Soviet-style feeding Africa and you can get it said that was lost money market when the Soviet Union disintegrated today Itni dafa get the Marketplace to compensate for what it lost with the absorption of Eastern Europe and the Baltic States into the to move in the direction because United Nations and World Trade Organisation WTO rules make it easier to trade with two countries but at the same time Russians must drop their updated around us and Prejudice stereotype it is not a while and uneducated people instead it is a central science

Some African countries Eastern Russia the Westin China of course can be counted on to interfere with resources but Mushkil can still achieve its goals by focusing on developing ties with countries they have ignored to the extent it can succeed washable come out the winner and a lower cost than anyone imagines trial 1m sizing building relations with less prominent countries has drawn itself by those who believe the state in the showcase in an easy way if they are so small as to be relevant search people urbandesi in which the two countries agreed to a pose any first use of force in space is essentially observed given that does not have any space program at all but that will this is a magnolia something that must not by gaining support from smaller countries

It adds to its leverage in the UN and other international parties indeed many a brushes biggest victory parties including the International Olympic Committee has come about because of the support including works but no one else to the trouble to cultivate and at least some of these dates are open to being cultivated when she was in Mask at the median in his home country noted that in foreign relations of all times has several advantages over the Western Beijing namely Mushkil lacks a colonial past in Africa it supports the national Liberation book by these officials are products of Soviet Russian universities countries can be expected to sponsor for Russia is special leave Western China or not making similar economic political and other resource efforts

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