May 7, 2021


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CAA back in focus, citizenship to migrants from Bangladesh, Pak, Afghan likely from Fab 2021

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Modi Again Start CitizenShip CAA Bill
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The idea of ​​Muslim countries fighting each other is being humiliated and disgraced all over the world today. Today, Modi’s India is in a situation that has never happened before with India. Modi is now an Indian with farmers and the Sikh community. The Modi government has once again infuriated the Muslims. The controversial Shariat Act has caused a stir. After this, the score was protested all over the farming community in India. Muslims will also join the protest. Has the butcher of Gujarat decided to make a new history once again? What important message did the new US President convey to Modi?

Constitutional canvas areas on the borders with other states of the Indian capital, Delhi, are being used in the form of throw-throughs and temporary walls. The ideology of all these actions is to stop the farmers who are protesting against the law from entering Delhi. We have called these steps taken as a result of the tension created by the new laws of the government a quick preparation. The biggest challenge facing Prime Minister Narendra Modi so far has been his government had offered to suspend the laws but the farmers want them to be repealed completely.

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Now the farmers and the Sikh community are intensifying their protests. Thousands of farmers participating in a large-scale tractor rally had entered Delhi and clashes between protesters and police left dozens of officers injured and one of the protesters dead. Union leaders condemned the violence but did not end their protest Before you tell us what important message US President Joe Biden has given to the atrocities in India, let me tell you that the Modi government has set a deadline for the implementation of the controversial Shariah Bill along with the protests of the Sikh Peasants Alliance. The Indian government says rules will be in place by July to enforce Sharia law, but its opponents have given an ultimatum to resume protests. Observers say India The Sikh community is shocked and shocked by the protests and if on this occasion Modi opened the issue of the controversial citizenship bill, then it is not up to Modi to control the commotion that India will cause because whatever is halal It has Indian history, On the other hand, the Biden administration while talking about the ongoing protests in India, said that the Modi government should solve this problem immediately. Let’s make it clear that Joe Biden had sent a message to the world that yes. The humiliation of humanity will not be tolerated in any part of the world, now that the Biden administration has sent a clear message to the Modi government that if it sits down with Indian farmers and the Sikh community If not resolved, of course, the United States will also have to take strong action against Indian democracy.

The Maulvis are very badly trapped. Even after more than a year, India has not been able to get the occupied valley and now the anti-farmer Shariat Bill has become a bone of contention for Modi. Enough will be enough, says the Indian government Enforced but not yet ready so implementation has not started. The process will be started. In reply to a question, he said in his written reply that the term of question and answer regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act has been extended. It will be implemented later. Secondly, it is clear that this controversial law has been in the past for a series of nationwide protests and sit-ins. There is a controversial citizenship bill for which people are ready to raise their voices. A series of nationwide protests and sit-ins against this controversial law started last year and once again Muslims are protesting by making controversial sharia. Last year Shaheen Abad movement is very famous. You will remember that last year Shaheen Baat movement was very famous Hindu organizations across the country also raised their voices against A and Mirzais in some places and then riots broke out in the capital Delhi in which more than 50 people were killed and more than 100 injured. Most of those killed and injured in these riots Among the protesters against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill, Mahmood Paracha said that the campaign against the Citizenship Amendment Act would be re-launched and the bill would be stopped from being passed. On the other hand, Indian farmers Protests have been announced and all major highways in the country have been closed. This announcement was made after the Modi government.

According to Indian media, what happened to the farmers on February 6 According to the report, Indian farmers have decided to extend the scope of the protest, while the Modi government has suspended internet service in the vicinity of the farmers sitting on Haider. In an effort to curb freedom of expression, Trump’s Modi government has suspended peasant leaders ‘organizations, including journalists, human rights groups, and political and social leaders, as well as farmers’ protests. Cases of mutiny have been registered against several journalists reporting on the BJP. They have been protesting for two months against the anti-farmer laws of the Modi government. A movement has been launched in India to repeal the controversial laws of farmers.

It is becoming increasingly clear that songwriters say the new rules will benefit those closest to food while harming farmers. There have been 11,000 efforts between the Indian government and the farmers’ union so far, but Indian The government offered to enforce the laws for 18 months But farmers say they will not protest until the law is repealed, and according to another report, farmers from across the country in three protest camps on the Delhi border have come to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to escape the cold. Not only is Ayesha burning Modi’s effigies and symbols of his government, but in this way, he is also continuing his protest. An Indian magazine wrote in its article that Delhi has borders Ruling power-addicted thieves are calling for the use of force against their own people.

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