May 7, 2021


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Big Development On Indo-Pak water Conflict

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India reassures Pakistan to seriously consider objections to water projects and visit Pakistan According to details, Pakistani delegation returned home after Pak-India talks during the two-day talks held in New Delhi during the Pakistan Indus Water Commission.

Member Commission Mehr Ali Shah participated while Indian leadership Indus Water Commissioner Pradeep Kumar Sakina while talking to the media in depth said that the meeting has been resumed after 2018. Mr. Bharti listened to our position carefully. Not that this meeting will continue every year now.

He said that in the last meeting Indian Project 2018 said that India had provided a flat ply in the past in the monsoon meeting in which the hydropower projects of the flats are being completed. Loralai and Klein Karim are not completing. India also invited us during Karuna.

This is the specialist. I added that India is welcome to hear our objections. India has also assured that the objections will be seriously considered. Burn the heart on the Chenab river in the talks. Proud of hydropower projects.


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