May 10, 2021


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Bangladesh Shut Facebook Services After Protest Against Modi

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Facebook friends in Bangladesh are being shut down to prevent protests against Modi’s visit. Facebook has raised serious concerns on social media about how to restrict the service.

The party said its service in Bangladesh would be shut down on Saturday as hundreds of protesters marched across the country, protesting against them and killing some journalists.

Four people killed in Islam after water killed when protesters allegedly attacked a police station in the southeastern town of Chittagong They will visit Bangladesh in violation of me I also injured dozens on Friday as stated in clashes with protesters, police said in a statement from Facebook bread used bullet and tear gas that we know are working to understand what is being shut our service in Bangladesh

And hopefully, a proper solution will be found as soon as the complete information is accessed. The fact that they are not banned in Bangladesh at the moment is a source of lesson for them.

Let’s protest and march on the streets of the doctor. Zakariazai, the organizer of this group. We will not let it go in vain, but it will be avenged in every case


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