May 10, 2021


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As Biden shapes the new US policy, China changes tack on ties with India

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After failing to talk to Biden, the Indian lobby managed to get big help from Israel. Biden prepared a big package for every India on the occasion of China. All the credit goes to Israel and not to anyone else. Israel is at the forefront of establishing ties with the nuclear bombings as a new superpower is being built in the Arabian Peninsula and in the Asian region, with Israel and Iran providing greater assistance to India than China in one hour. Israel is preparing Biden to reshape its policies towards India and China. There is another big and important development behind the whole issue. The most important decision made by the corps commander was that in the case of Afghanistan, Pakistan would not only look after the interests of Siani Pakistan but also fully protect it, but today the meeting of this most important corps commander was held in the United States. After the announcement of the corps commander, the most important “We are now going to make India the Chaudhry of the Asian region, the Global Party,” the statement said. It is important to understand that the United States has formally asked China to stop harassing India. The most important thing in Europe this year is that the United States Army Why did the Chief Corps Commander say this within 24 hours of the meeting?

What are the reasons for this? VK Singh said that our army has gone inside the Chinese border and played the band not once but more than this time but his statement was less in favor of India and more in favor of China. Sending a message to the world, he said that we have repeatedly said that because of the heroism of Modi and Hindutva, India is in another neighborhood. The situation has become very interesting after the statement of General VK Singh, the party chief said that the Indian minister has done exactly what he wants to fulfill his agenda. What is treason against the country? It is unbearable to talk like this to a person sitting in such a big position. He said that someone of the Indian minister has to be used immediately. Despite India’s dire situation, the US Department of Defense spokesman immediately said, “Whatever it is, we are standing out. The goal is for Pakistan to look after its own interests, while China is looking after its own interests.” No one should doubt that the US and India will continue to look after the interests of the region, whether it is prepared or not. The US will continue to work with India to protect it. It can also be imposed on India. The United States is doing everything from India to India on its own terms. The United States and India have partnered on the use of technology. He said that he could not leave it alone. Now the United States estimates that the development of the army along India’s Chinese borders is going on very fast

While on the other hand, Pakistan is making full preparations. Compared to Pakistan and China, the United States is needed, but this help cannot be fulfilled without opinion. The United States will also look after its own interests. The United States is in the process of restoring NATO supplies, which is still closed. That the war in Afghanistan is being rekindled, which was stopped by Donald Trump, on the other hand, is going on through the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Joe Biden’s bank road policy, which is not the heart but Biden’s If the United States starts the war in Afghanistan again without Pakistan’s permission, it will be fully answered. Pakistan Army Chief has given his decision. We will do what Pakistan’s It will be in the interest of no one else’s dictation. We will not do anything Surprisingly, China has put pressure on Pakistan not to allow NATO supplies to pass through here because if the United States kept its supplies through this route through the NATO supply line, the military would keep other supplies. If it goes, the biggest loss will be to no one else, only sneezing. It does not go to Pakistan because at the moment, Pakistan’s friendship with them is Chinese, that is, China and Pakistan are necessary for each other On the other hand, India and the United States have the same interests. India can protect American interests. India alone cannot control them, but after US help, China will need Pakistan. Like here, the map of the region in the near future will be something like China, Pakistan, India on one side and the United States on the other side. Who will win in this time will tell, but this is the United States economic superpower Is washing its hands of China, China is covering it too, China has become equal to America, instead of Shah Ji, China is six, which is going to be the most important technology for the big wars in the future, only time will tell. It was good for India to support or it is good for Pakistan to support China.

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