May 7, 2021


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‘Anger’ in the army over Opposition’s criticism of Gen Bajwa And Chief ISI: Prim Minister Imran Khan

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Imran Khan Interview

Anger in army over PDM

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When Imran Khan came to power, in his first address to everyone, he had said that he would not give NRO to anyone. I will put all these corrupt mafias in jails. If our institutions get their hands on them, they will start cursing all the Pakistani institutions. The Pakistan Democratic Movement had already given a list to the government in the minutes. In which he said fourteen things that were against the NAB yesterday. Let these parties tell me to get rid of these fourteen shakes. We will sit comfortably. That means give us NRO.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has clearly said that Nawaz Sharif and his entire gang are the product of the army.
Or Prime Minister Imran Khan further said that Article 6 applies to all of them because it is a case of treason. They abuse the army because it hoped that it would work for us and cooperate with us.

He repeatedly insulted the Pakistan Army in his speech. This has caused great anger in our Pak army. But here I would like to praise the Army Chief because he is a very well-rounded person. If there was another Army Chief in his place, there would have been a very bad reaction. I have seen all the Army Chiefs before General Bajwa. General Bajwa believes in democracy. If it did not happen, the reaction would have been very different.
Prime Minister Imran Khan further said that I am waiting for his resignation. If he resigns leaving all these hurtful things, then Pakistan will be better.
The anchorperson asked Imran Khan if the army was oppressing him or I was there or the army was ruling. Imran Khan replied angrily that
Pak army is not above Imran Khan but below him. No, what I have done. I am happy that all the institutions of Pakistan stand side by side with my government.
Prime Minister Imran Khan further said about Israel that under no circumstances can Pakistan recognize Israel because it is our policy. He added that the false news that I heard that a government minister had gone to Israel. Absolutely not true news. My minister cannot do anything without my order. If some media persons are saying this news is true, then listen to my answer.
There is nothing the minister can do by going there. Our ideology is clear. Israel is an illegitimate territory and we cannot recognize it to the end. Dogs currently have a whole network of 10 strong Indians in the European Union. We are all aware of this and we also know with which country we have to maintain relations but Israel will never be recognized.


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