May 7, 2021


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American intelligence Report About Pakistan and India

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War could erupt between Pakistan and India Pakistan’s commitment to self-defense could be maintained in the next five years, US intelligence warns of a possible war in South Asia in US intelligence report, says Pakistan and India could go to war So no difference between the two wants the review to be included in the Federal Government’s Disqualification Volume Council’s Global Business Report, which is presented every four years, and released in Washington. This report focuses on the near future and both.

The report warns that India and Pakistan could engage in a large-scale war that neither side wants, especially one that The report further states that since the terrorist attack was embraced by the Indian government,

the ability of militant organizations to carry out such an attack has led to New Delhi’s determination to retaliate against Islamabad and Pakistan.

The commitment to self-defense can be maintained in the next five years or The report further states that the misrepresentation of the two governments could lead to a misinterpretation of the term, which is limited to the level that each party believes it will be able to deal with.

Was warned that it could harm perfection, the economic and political implications of which would last for years.

I commend that US policy in Afghanistan and its effects on neighboring countries have also been a key factor in ensuring certainty. The report said that next year’s US action in Pakistan would be significant in the region as a whole, especially in Pakistan and India, as a result of which politicians and conflicts in the western part of Pakistan would turn to Christ.

And the bold decision on the Cold War in New Delhi will be strengthened and the animosity between the two countries will intensify.

The Russian Foreign Minister of Pakistan and at a time when we get a new hope every week from the United States. And the good thing about India is that their people are their diplomats She is saying in interviews that if General Bajwa supervises,


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