May 18, 2021


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After PDM, PTM also Finished | Where did the money come from? Image Proof

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Has re-launched what was working against the state of Pakistan PTM frustrated with the team stadium has seen that what they are selling Ramanujan or the state of Pakistan and the institutions of Pakistan immediately against Pakistan army In the name of the generals who are throwing mud in the name of the deal, they did not respond to it and its people are not coming. This is a worthy new wrestling meeting in Lahore.

They found out that There was no abuse for the people and after that, at least the sit-ins outside the Election Commission try to protest Iqbal and if it fails then they have turned to the Qibla which is theirs. Update the software on their photo. Let them understand that now they are abusing Imran Khan, but the criticism of Pakistan’s institutions and army who were doing wrong will be stopped and they will leave and leave 260 to the government. Yes, they are the stars of ruining the economy. These days we will definitely talk. Talk about one point before tomorrow’s shows. I wanted to say that Kashmir has been negotiated, to say to the army that legs are trembling, now it is Ayaz Sadiq’s sentence. I will be able to tell them the words of the madrassas, Fazlur Rehman Sahib of Zarrin, who will be like you, from which country are you going to take photos of India, you will go with you, but Pakistan to play Pakistan’s ball If the children of K madrassas will not go, then Fazlur Rehman Sahib had taught them to go to Islamabad in Jenny. Now, whenever there was a disappointment with the dam and the team was also disappointed that people were coming out against the army. They announced a long march and a very big rally. The media said that we will hold such a rare and huge rally in Peshawar and we will take the long march there and the Pashtun brothers from all over Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Arrived there which is the Pashtun Protection Movement as the statement of teaching was buried in Lahore. It seems against the state and the army.

What is inside Peshawar, the meeting they held, made the Pashtun protection movement sick and talked about the protection of the Pashtuns. People believed him at first but later when his agenda came up there were numerous Pashtuns. Start I was with him I was with Item Sang in many movies but if we thought they were talking for development but when he found out then talk when he found out it was cruel people and this So working on someone else’s agenda stepped back and a lot of people stepped back. You’re happy, but today it looks lonely. The thought of going to PTI in Lahore was gone and Peshawar P. TM’s thinking is there which is the underprivileged people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and see a picture I entered. This picture is visible to you. The leaflet is visible and more than 200 vehicles of the same picture are parked. The rest of the work is so large It’s about a hundred cars and these few hundred people are abusive. It’s not more than four or five hundred people. It’s thousands of miles here in hundreds. It’s all about people standing here. You can come to see the picture carefully. You will show the whole. If the car is Iftar, all the people who are standing can be done while sitting in these cars. In which the poor man came and the poor man does not have dignity, the poor man does not have wealth, now all these people come, they beat the cars, so where do they get so much money from? Have you come or some people have their own? Where did it come from? The big question is not where does the money come from. I will tell you where it comes from. I will tell you who is attending their meetings. Understand at first you used to wake up in meetings. These late Afghan citizens are from Afghanistan who came to Pakistan as refugees and started doing various businesses here. They did not stay in their camps. They had them in Pakistan and they got out of the refugee nuclear deal and started businesses inside the cities.

It was also a cougar wedding business but these were Afghan citizens still after them. He is referring to Afghan Afghans who do not have a Pakistani record and will not even get it. This is a stick Afghan citizen in Arabic from Afghanistan Many have gone back and there is still a long way to go. The point is that wherever the PTM holds a meeting, orders are issued from Afghanistan, funding comes from there and a large number of these Afghan citizens attend these meetings. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa said that they are telling our Pashtun brothers to laugh now that I did not have so much time because the government has decided to give Aunty who is Afghan and arranged for her return. The way in which the Afghans are worried that if they go to the PTM meeting, they will be identified, then they will know that you will have less attendance in the meetings and the Afghan government has also withdrawn from them. And the reasons I will tell you first see the picture Baba how many slaves you had from the top of the KP where my boat sank or showed that there were more people than you show their match live people all together There is no one, I have not seen the kite, I have not seen the kite, it has just become too big in the meeting, now I started crying when the people did not come. Rejected,

he said that the Pak army has to get married. Slaves are being killed. Curfew has been imposed in Peshawar. The networks have been shut down. Cameras have been installed all over Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as well. Gul Bukhari is sitting outside Pakistan or he and many others who have fled from Pakistan can do Pakistan A phase and miss any opportunity to abuse the army. A thousand soldiers were taking part and he was saying that even if I was arrested on that day, even if it was closed, they would be arrested. Let me come to you. I have a road adjacent to it. What you are going to read with me is that the cars of ordinary citizens are moving freely on these roads. When the car of the citizens makes a noise, the cars of those who come to the meeting are moving. Join the rally or join the rally by crossing the car and road parked on it or the police team will be the first to see such things all the teachers It is clear that the servants are leaving their homes and going to work. They could not come to the meeting using this main road using Shah. But the people of Peshawar and the people who ate the bread Rejected and Maulvi Tariq announced that he was very upset about this and on social media, again and again, his involvement in every color.

Commander Peshawar Office Reached House Peshawar. Demanded and that Most of them are sitting in the UK and I am sitting here who is Pakistani. They have run away from there. The rebels against the state are sitting there and propagating what is on top of it and at that time and these people were saying. Reham Khan and one of the people who were involved in abusing the Pakistani army was the biggest man in the world whose agenda is to go to the vegetable house. Who gives them money? And I will give you proof that I demand that you give a penny to Pakistan. This is a violation of human rights. He uses that money. Did he demand that Israel, the United States, and the Western powers still use their language in the PTI meeting It is closed that they do not commit any violation of humanity? The book of human rights has not been forgotten till today. Human rights have been violated in Afghanistan. US and NATO forces have said that old age has never spoken in favor of Kashmiris. The human rights situation is much better. He raised his finger and raised his eyebrows at his request. The second demand is that only Afghans have the right to decide who will rule the country and no one else should dare to make a decision under the pretext of the Afghan peace process.

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  1. Great Share! Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

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