May 18, 2021


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After a decade of war, Syrians returning home

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Anas kenzia is an architect from aleppo he fled the syrian regime in 2011 and started a construction company in turkey

in September 2011 He said that i was arrested by regime forces after I left prison regime forces continued to harass me so I decided to leave Syria and i came to turkey as a safe country

in turkey i decided to get back to my profession architecture with the help of a friend i opened a construction and interior design consulting agency

He said that we started providing consultation to overseas companies including engulfed countries and after a while, I decided to return to Syria

since anna’s return to syria his company has built electricity stations residential projects and a mall in northern syria

when we returned to syria we named our company image syria or building syria we intentionally chose

this name in order to participate in rebuilding syria

He said we will put our experience towards the service of our country anna’s construction projects not only revive critical infrastructure

but also provide jobs to hundreds of workers including abdul rahman counting the workers in all the crews that are between 200

and 300 people including plasterer concrete workers blacksmiths and others

we have huge projects like this mall which has nearly 100 people working on it

the un says 13 million people in syria are in need or depend on humanitarian aid and remittances to survive amar one of the people building the mall in azaz knows he’s lucky to have stable work

thanks to god there are many projects they are a source of income to all of us

They said that we are surviving the cost of rebuilding syria is estimated at 250 billion dollars 10 times the size of its economy today

and anna’s hopes his company can get a head start on the boom to comeeven though the conflict remains

unresolved obey dejito

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