May 7, 2021


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Afghanistan sits on $3 trillion in minerals

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Afghanistan sits on $3 trillion in minerals
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Mountain is landlocked and milk at night after nightstand as a Prisoner of Geography lecture recent on forgiving mountain change the white the nation abstract public services while also paralyzing stability and prosperity conflict and tribalism has shaken the state which ko and yet those same mountains my whole the answer to its misfortune on the next the surface the geology of Afghanistan holds masses of on tab mineral wealth modern assessments value at roughly 3 trillion dollars biting at one of the richest mining regions in the world and even though the afghans have a long way to go before the resources can be transformed into an industrial advantage in a place like Afghanistan that natural wealth signifies a second Chance At life

Presenting it doesn’t love a footnote at the bottom of the table expense on those elements when combined with certain Chemicals the lanthanides become rare Earth elements are only used in small amounts Where are of strategic importance to disruptive technologies from laptops and mobile phones to electric vehicles wind turbines lithium-ion batteries satellites Ariel drones guidance systems and hypersonic weapons rare Earth elements are indispensable to Modern Nations economies and military demand for rare Earth elements is expected to rice exponential in the coming decade especially as Nations switch to grenoble innovations live on their oxides to dominate the economic and military playing field whoever controls the supply and distribution of these resources will possess EQ powerful bargaining chip in global affairs and negotiations Afghanistan the far from an industrial power house trillions of dollars worth of mineral deposits the geological findings date back to the Soviet Afghan war in the 1986 at the peak of the conflict

The soviets formation secret geological survey’s to determine the extent of afghanistan’s mineral wealth objective was to find an outside in the costly and draw not war but they found was a Treasure trove in precious metals and where we talk to one trillion dollars it was an astounding Discovery on that gave new meaning to the kremlin’s strategy in Afghanistan sofia talk to work infrastructure was reinforced PowerGrid Sawar modernized and mining deposits were commissioned but before the resources could be extracted the soviets part of their things and left the country

In 1989 the decision was so certain that got a government in Kabul of God a band of Afghan jewellery just took the initiative and head the Soviet documents in their homes only returning them to the public domain after the Outsourcing of the taleban in 2001 American geologist use the Soviet charge in the round services and since then go into more extensive research afghanistan’s mineral wealth has grown to an estimated 3 trillion dollars that is a groundbreaking number for rare Earth elements of market otherwise monopolized by China most of afghanistan’s mineral deposits Run along 2 beds1 star farting inherited and ending their production and the other running from Kargil to kandhar these belts are rich in all sorts of industrial minerals their oxides hydrocarbons and even precious metals is therefore not by accident the former US President Donald Trump spoke of mineral extraction with his African counterpart in 2017 for Americans Afghanistan presents an opportunity to reshape the market for rare earths and shift production dependency away from China the Pentagon in particular is apprehensive of his defence Technology relying heavily on Chinese minerals and search American policymakers have been trying to secure new suppliers to preserve their domestic supply chain in 2015

The United States 18 chase against China at the world trade organisation which for Staging to remove it’s expert coultas on where was it was a victory for the mine over was still needs to find alternative sources for its long-term needs just another American Malta relates to the Economics of the afternoon battlespace since 2001 the conflict in Afghanistan has become the longest word in American history costing of A 700 billion dollars and the likes of 2300 American troops with the new mineral assessment however the Americans may find new meaning to extended stay in Afghanistan the strategy would be akin to the soviet plan to offset the cost of drone at war by exploring local mineral riches although research presentation is a dangerous selling point for military engagement it is the only appealing Singh about Afghanistan meanwhile China is interested in afghanistan’s resources to maintain its market share in Reliance metals currently Beijing is the top supplier in the market but its own driving domestic the man’s going to venerable conceptions have reduced its total exports does to supply its domestic and foreign associate China 6 to find alternative sources and bring them online Afghanistan presents not only in New Market with new opportunities but its proximity collapse with China’s belt and Road initiative making it the perfect partner for baking a Surge in 2007 ka bill signed 83.4 to Chinese state-owned entities to minus gana just copper deposited at the site of the scenic the Chinese companies plan to extract about 100 billion polish price of copper over 30 years terms of the lease and a railroad was to be constructed to this site the deal Martin opening in the hunt for Afghanistan switches that it will then the lid to to order logical discoveries about the project atmos INOX failed in the Grand scheme of things it is am Dinosaur park understand its mineral wealth presents a way out whether the partner is China or America or both the situation at large presents a Win-Win chinese slice of 3 trillion dollar by is enough to restore the basic functions of the Kabul government that was were a functional Mining industry would generate billions of dollars each year enough to make the difference between success and failure but this is us can I stand with talking about the graveyard of Empires all and torn by conflict corruption and geography what are the barriers to prosperity in Afghanistan reasons

The ability is the lack of infrastructure the local water supplies are inadequate to support industrial processes and there isn’t enough electricity to keep things running as bad as that sounds the biggest obstacle is the lack of road and rail networks raw materials for highways and low value resources and require efficient transportation networks through each Global markets so everything comes down to transportation the Railways need to be cheap and efficient but that is difficult to accomplish in the unforgiving Hindu Kush mountain join directly in the absence of transportation network mining operations in Afghanistan And oxygen for which is a group of individuals who threw rocks and then transferred to nearby markets that is not have one develops in Mining industry for where is elements is Afghanistan is to make use of its mineral deposits it needs to construct the infrastructure first I really work is a must warn that needs to connect to either with neighbours and herein lies the second problem most of Afghanistan seaborne trade passes through Pakistan giving Islamabad considerable leverage for all is well between the two Pakistan and Afghanistan have this beautiful chandra of political interference carbon has soft for Automotive parts including one why are the Sea and the other through Iran ultimately though it all comes down to Pakistan from the most cost-effective improving afghanistan’s infrastructure would be to integrate the country into the China Pakistan economic corridor which is part of the belt and Road initiative the trouble the trouble Islamabad rivalry is that any significant move by China INR to Afghanistan could provoke a reaction by the United States this is a game Kabul does not want to play last time

If found itself stuck between two great powers and broke the country plus even if afghanistan’s integration into the China Pakistan economic corridor would be possible a single Railway linking Kabul to Peshawar but not suffice much after minerals in any substantial amounts or spirit interchangeably cross landscape original single point of fixation no single Anchorage to construct shut up value chains nationwide infrastructure investments are necessary which is easy to suggest that difficult to make have gobble government has no real control of the countryside the mountainous Terrain is terminated with ethnic disputes well non state actors safari bags can roam freely for private investors the latest security raises the costs and risks of doing business work was on the grounds are at risk corruption is rampant and the overall traditions discourage private investment yet as League as the situation may seem to your politics is dynamic recent development suggest that after night stand is about the change for better over last year the United States 1731 were on the condition that the taleban would cut ties with Al-Qaeda and activities the Americans who started throwing their troops the dual as sidelined Kabul which implies that some sort of power sharing agreement with the taleban will be designed Washington has recently asked Ankara the host the Afghan peace talks 30 is uniquely seen as a trustworthy partner among the divergence spectrums of African society trucks also have deep learning relations with the power brokers inside and outside of the country and yet things are never that easy in Afghanistan through that door Pakistani channels Chinese diplomats are in separate negotiation with the taleban which could undermine the American negotiations striking a lasting peace deal is tracking for afghanistan’s mineral development plan to work must take into account foreign and domestic interest will have to rely on international partners to explore extract and export it resources you need to find a formula that considers the interests of America China Pakistan Turkey Iran and Russia while also considering its domestic factors such as corruption and internal conflicts the route map to successful require Kabul to prioritise long-term strategy the development of a Mining industry would have to take place alongside infrastructure projects and security measures as can lawmakers do not have the luxury to ignore one issue and for kids on another otherwise the rest aggravating existing problems everything needs to be synchronised and that is difficult to do for the decentralized government in Kabul the Global need for rare Earth elements is sincere and after distance mineral wealth holster cancer to its current predicaments however while Qabool made sit on a gold mine it needs to remain vigilant FYI and powerful nations of the World Tower built because of gold mines but they are really built on top of them.


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