May 7, 2021


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34 Member For Parliament Write Letter To Boris For Pakistan

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UK parliment
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Why is Pakistan’s name on the list? The number of coronaviruses in Pakistan is lower than in the UK. 34 MPs write letter to British PM The third wave of coronavirus is on the rise.

It is being prayed that the third wave so far is more terrible than the ambassadors of the days to come, as a result of which many countries of the world have lifted and imposed a ban on travel.

Where the spread of the coronavirus has spread from day to day except for a few days and the coronavirus has not lost its momentum and is still running millions of pounds in the UK and the countries on the list.

The list also includes the name of Pakistan while the people of London have started efforts to remove Pakistan’s name from the rate list. Parliament has written a letter to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for 29 billion to remove Pakistan from the rate list.

I was told that the release of Pakistan and Bangladesh would affect British citizens There was no clear justification for putting it in the text.

The text said that the infection in Pakistan is less than that of the United Kingdom. It is less than that of such countries. There is no way to add a person to the rate list, but it is not expected that Pakistan’s name will be removed from the rate list soon after which Pakistanis will be allowed to go to the UK.


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