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23 March Pakistan Day Complete History

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March 23 has a special significance in the history of Pakistan but the Muslim League, the only representative party of the Muslims of the subcontinent, held its 27th annual meeting under the enthusiastic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and demanded the establishment of an independent and sovereign state in Lahore. In 1940, the Muslim League, based on a resolution, launched a movement for the deportation of Muslims to the subcontinent. It succeeded in a short span of seven years. The only country where Muslims ruled for eight years but both of them were forcibly converted to Islam and that is why it is necessary to govern. They are a minority in Pakistan. In fact, this is the demand that emerged on the world map in the name of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. And this day of March 23 reminds the people of Pakistan of the same spirit every year and led Pakistan. March 23, 1940, is a golden day in the history of the Muslims of Pakistan and the subcontinent. On this day, more than one lakh Muslims from all corners of the subcontinent. At the annual meeting of the Muslim League led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah Qa passed a resolution for the liberation of Muslims and the establishment of a separate homeland known as the Lahore All Pakistan Resolution. It became part of the constitution of the Muslim League in 1941 and the customs and traditions are different. They want a separate homeland.

It may be recalled that the first constitution of Pakistan was passed on the same day in 1956. He was unanimous in the meeting of the Muslim League that any other constitution would not be acceptable to the Muslims. This historic gathering began on March 22, 1940. What happened and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah deserves no praise. Hindu and Muslim religious philosophies belong to social institutions that can marry each other and eat cold. A thousand-year-old woman in her book Al-Ara In support of the resolution, Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar was the first to use the word “Pakistan Resolution” and the India Muslim League had started making Pakistan Day on March 23, 1941. The word was not included, but later Quaid-e-Azam in a speech used the word Pakistan for the Lahore resolution Accepting it, he had called it the Pakistan Resolution. Four days before this, an unfortunate incident had taken place in Lahore in which he had taken out a procession in violation of Section 144 and the Punjab Government had indiscriminately shot him and martyred him. Due to this, there was a lot of tension in the city. Some people suggested to the Quaid-e-Azam to postpone the meeting. The anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam should not be shared on March 23, 1940.

Maulvi Fazal Haq presented the historic resolution which went to the Lahore Resolution which later became the basis for the establishment of Pakistan. There was no constitution in this world that would not be acceptable to Muslims as long as India’s geography Do not demarcate and take into account the areas consisting of adjoining units and that the Muslim-majority northwestern and northeastern regions of India should be made independent states and that the religious, cultural and economic aspects of the minorities should not be demarcated. His advice to protect political administration and other rights and interests should be included in the constitution with adequate resources and a financial system. I am in the Muslim minority and doing other cultural things. On March 8, 1944, he said that Pakistan came into being on the same day. The first Hindu in India converted to Islam and was given the ability to acquire all the rights. He was born in the same house. How to write so that he could be present in Sindh for his gift.

This is Dr. Tara Chand’s own and authored by Muslims on human civilization. Was born in Islam and he adopted these work Attempts are always made to consider Muslims as invaders. After the arrival of the British, this trend intensified and in different periods, religious movements were launched by the Hindus, some of whose names and deeds did not come to fruition. The Samaj Tehreek movement, which grew up under the British in 1875 under the auspices of the British, was urging hardline Hindu extremist Hindu youth to practice non-Hindu religiosity. As a result, the Hindu nation became Muslim and the Raksha Tehreek started in 1982 and both the social movement and poetry were started by Swami Dayanand Saraswati from Mumbai. Since our shortcomings were brought against Muslims in the name of Allah, it should be borne in mind that Gorakh citizens in various forms The name is still in force. In most parts of India, Muslims are banned from sacrificing cows. Even Muslims cannot sacrifice cows. The price is a little higher. Saraswati Vidya Swami Shardhanand started this movement in 1920.

He was forcibly converted to Hinduism It was known to the Hindus of Tehreek-e-Banaras in 1947 that they were in the subcontinent before Urdu language or Persian was the most spoken and understood the language but when it came to the Urdu language it was an extremely rapid development of my Urdu is also called the Indonesian language due to the death of Syria. Due to Urdu, the importance of the Hindi language has decreased. There is nothing wrong with protecting their language but they also tried to ban Urdu script in this movement and on this day if this movement was started the victims had applied to the British government but Hindi was made the official language. In which it was placed and its founders were surprised by the doctor and the service is a movement of the people but in fact, it is a study on violence and armed organization and in the name of pluralism Hindu soldiers were trained and armed with sticks that During Tehreek-e-Pakistan, armed groups of RSS took part in attacks on Muslim populations. The so-called extremist LK Advani had started his career by launching an attack whose verses were cut in Hyderabad, Sindh. The family and many such Hindu extremist terrorist organizations are present against Muslims C. The Gujarat Masjid Samjhauta Express tragedy was reportedly more prevalent in the Mumbai attacks and others. Although they took part in the movement against the British, later the British scored more than three goals over the Muslims. They are given more importance than human beings in every matter be it education, trade, or politics.

Muslims are oppressed everywhere and Hindus are given happiness which is the result of this attitude of the two national ideologies. I wrote about the political future of India. What is the political future of India? As far as Britain is concerned, I have declared my intention that India will be punished as soon as possible along with other members of the Commonwealth. For this, he wants to implement the kind of democratic constitution in India that he has experienced and he considers it the best. The basic principle is that the political parties that win the elections are in the hands of the government. But looking at the specific and extraordinary circumstances of India, I see it I think it is very inappropriate to have a government in India. Despite the experience, the UK cannot be very familiar with the instruments. According to the Parliament, they are unaware of it. The story of the UK could not be understood. It is not appropriate for a man to have a truly one color and united nation and it will remain to this day and it is and will remain important but the situation in India is very different because there is no national or Korangi so British-style democracy for this country. Not at all appropriate. This is also the main reason for man’s heroism.

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