May 18, 2021


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16 Wind, Solar Projects With Capacity Of 860 MW in Pakistan

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white wind turbines on gray sand near body of water

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Pakistan to launch garden and pharmaceutical projects in 860 in 2019. Pakistan is promoting private sector investment in renewable energy projects to achieve its energy goal. The government with a total capacity of 8 in 16 gold and solar energy projects is ready to start.

It was revealed that the new renewable energy projects will be like one year. The management of these projects was started by the Alternative Energy Development Board which is left to promote renewable energy in Pakistan and Development work is underway.

Alternative energy projects are divided into three categories. The first phase includes 531 MW projects that have been approved. The event includes 24 two with a total capacity of electricity. In this regard, generals have also been obtained while the third category includes 110 projects with a capacity of 6,160 in 1960. To promote private sector investment in renewable energy projects with Pakistan to achieve the energy goal.

Yes, Prime Minister Imran Khan had expressed his determination that Pakistan 2030 will also generate 60% of its electricity bill from sources. Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power Khan in Bahawalpur does not have a total capacity of 423 MW which is being counted among the major energy projects in the country. 58% Sunni 27% electricity bill The country has immense capacity to generate renewable energy and the nuclear power plant unit is connected to the national grid and is an important milestone in providing clean and affordable electricity to millions of people. Has been crossed

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