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10 Biggest Sins To Avoid During Ramadan

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the month of ramadan is part of the islamic lunar calendar and muslims observe it every single year as a month of fasting from various things all for the sake of ALLAH
10 big sins that muslims should take special note to avoid especially during the month of ramadan

at number 10 having wrong

intentions yeah this is a big sin the reason is is because the reward that a person gets from fasting during ramadan is so big so it’s a big deal if somebody for the entire month just fasted for the sake of showing off

rather than for the sake of allah now it’s narrated in the hadith from abu harara that the prophet muhammad said these words

“every deed of the son of adam will be multiplied for him between 10 and 700 times for each merit allah said except for fasting for it is for me and i shall reward for it and now the sin muslims need to avoid

is the sin of having sinful speech also narrated by abu hurairah he mentioned that the prophet muhammad had these words to say

whoever does not abandon falsehood in speech and acting on it and behaving with ignorance then allah has no need for him to abandon

his food and drink so you see from this passage if a person acts sinfully they’re fast well it’s a valid fast

but its rewards are reduced or in some cases they get no reward for the fasting at all number eight takes us to the sin of fornication and

adultery sex before marriage is a major sin in islam and this sort of disobedience to allah is punishable in the afterlife now the payment for sexual intercourse while

fasting with a spouse is to fast for two months consecutively if one cannot do so though then feeding 60 poor persons would be the payment but

outside of that if someone engages in sexual intercourse outside of marriage well it’s considered an even bigger sin and so this person is required to repent first

before fasting for two months or feeding the 60 people there’s also the sin of not fasting without an excuse all if not most of us know that fasting in ramadan is one of the pillars of islam

whoever does not fast is committing a major sin and whoever does not fast in ramadan without being sick or having any other excuse that allows them not to fast is considered more evil than somebody who commits adultery

or someone who gets drunk so it’s definitely a big deal if a muslim is not fasting there needs to be a valid reason

for it which is outlined in islam not paying zakat is also a big sin and this by the way is found in the hadith

it mentions thatrefusal to pay or making fun of somebody who pays zakat which is a compulsory charitable giving is a sign of hypocrisy and god will not accept the prayers of the people who do so

on the day of judgment those who did not give the zakat will be held accountable as a matter of fact the words of the prophet muhammad are recorded in the hadith

and they say this whoever is made wealthy by allah and does not pay the zakat of his wealth then on the day of resurrection

his wealth will be made like a bald-headed poisonous male snake with two black spots over its eyes the snake will encircle his neck and bite his cheeks and say

i am your wealth i am your treasure then the prophet muhammed also recited the verses from surah 3 verses 180 of the quran

that says this and let not those who brutally withhold what allah has given them of his bounty ever think that it is better for them rather it is

worse for them their necks will be encircled by what they withheld on the day of resurrection and to allah belongs the heritage of the heavens and the earth and allah with what you do

is fully acquainted moving on to number five here’s the sin of disrespecting parents islam also stresses the importance of respecting your parents the quran says specifically in surah 17 verses 23

to 24 and your lord has decreed that you not worship except him and to parents good treatment whether one or both of them reach old age while with you say not to them so much

as oof and do not repel them but speak to them a noble word and lower to them the wing of humility out of mercy and say my lord have mercy upon them

as they brought me up when i was small now at number four we’re looking at not praying praying is also a pillar

in islam it’s one of the five major pillars ramadan fasting is not acceptable if a muslim does not pray and not

praying or being lazy about prayer is a big sin missing the mandatoryprayers leads to a decrease or just plain difficulty in gaining sustenance and also the fact that you’re going to be punished for it in the afterlife the quran in surah 20 verses 124

says and whoever turns away from my remembrance indeed he will have a depressed life and wewill gather him on the day of resurrection blind let’s look at

drinking alcohol at number three whether it is ramadan or any other month islam does not allow drinking of alcohol at all and this reference takes us to the quranspecifically in surah 5 verses 90 this is what it has to say oh you who

have believed indeed intoxicants gambling sacrificing on stone altars to

other than allah and divining arrows are but defilement from the work of satan so avoid it that you may be successful and their intoxicants includes alcohol because you know it causes drunkenness now here’s an interesting

one at number two smoking during the month of ramadan muslims also abstain from smoking from dawn till dusk most muslims

however say that smoking shouldn’t be done at any time anyways because it’s an intoxicant

which would make it completely haram meaning that it’s forbidden in the religion of islam but smoking itself surprisingly isn’t spacially prohibited in the quran but

it does have a passage that tells fellow believers not to put their own life in danger and this is the passage i’m going to quote now it’s taken from surah 2 verses 195 and spend in the way of

allah and do not throw yourself with your own hands into destruction by refraining and do good indeed allah loves the doers of good and this one i had to save it until last some people

may find this inappropriate so i didn’t want it too early in the episode but it’s a sin of relieving yourself

that’s the sin of masturbation doing this during the daytime of ramadan actually breaks the fast and it’s based on the hadith since it’s a type of sexual desire a fasting muslim

needs to completely avoid this now in the case though of a wet dream if that happens during the time of fasting well it’s not considered to be a sin in islam

however a muslim is still required to bathe before doing various rituals but

no it’s not held against them as a sin nor does it break their fast and guys just like that we’ve come to the end of another episode these were the 10 biggest sins to avoid

during the month of ramadan hopefully you guys enjoyed this one hopefully you learned some new insights if you’re muslim maybe this served as a reminder to you

if you’re not muslim well hopefully this blog gave you a lot of new insight and clarification

on what muslims believe during the month of ramadan as well as what they believe when it comes to sin in general leave a

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